Cort G100HHOPB Elektro Gitar Mat Siyah Maple Sap

Cort G100HHOPB Elektro Gitar Mat Siyah Maple Sap


The G Series represents a logical evolution of the term "vintage". It is modern yet retains the familiar characteristics of the classic double-cutaway design in an aesthetically tasteful manner. This double-cutaway collection includes a wide variety of options and features to best meet a player's specific needs and requirements.
The G100HH features 2 Power Sound Humbucker pickups. This combined with a 3way selector lever and single tone control offer a variety of tonal possibilities.
Double Cutaway
The G100 features a double cutaway body for classic styling, comfort, and easy access to the higher register of the fretboard.
39MM Body Thickness
Conceived with the younger beginners in mind, the thinner body reduces the weight for a nice balance between the body and the neck as well as enhancing playability and reducing fatigue.
Fixed Bridge
The fixed hardtail bridge provides tuning stability and a solid focused sound as well as facilitating easier and faster string changes for the beginner player learning the ins and outs of the instrument.
Open Pore Finish
Besides improving the resonance of the woods for a livelier sound, the open pore finish better retains the natural grains of the woods for a more luxurious look and feel.
Neck-Body Joint Beveled Heel
Unlike the square-cut heel of traditional bolt-on guitars, the heel on the G-Series guitars are beveled round for easier and smoother access to the frets in the high register of the fingerboard.
Satin Matte Finish Neck
A clean look as well as no drag on your fingers due to the smooth satin finish means more comfort, increased speed and enhanced playability.

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CORT Cort G100HHOPB Elektro Gitar Mat Siyah Maple Sap

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  • Marka: CORT
  • Ürün Kodu: 4C-13342
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
  • 1.133,54TL